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Sunday, March 13, 2016 during our 10:00AM Worship Service, we had a dedication of the Sanctuary Remodeling Project.

From December 27, 2015 through March 5, 2016 many members and friends of the church labored to beautify the Sanctuary. Some are pictured.

Following the Worship Service and Dedication, a lunch was served.

Friend Day is soon upon us. By now, it is a familiar event; and we know that familiar things are easy to take for granted.

It might be more fun to have to have an extravagant event. When I was a teen, our church gave away stuff, sometimes expensive stuff. Bracelets, books, toys, music, food, and more, even a car, was given during 13-week Sunday School promotions that brought great attendance that was unsustainable and sometimes offensive to the community. We purposely functioned at the expense of other churches.

 Friend Day

Sunday, November 6

Kindly remember that Friend Day is one of the special events of our Church. It is a time when all of our Church members come together at the same time with our Friends. It is a special time of fellowship and most importantly it is a time of worshiping together.

It has also been a day when we DOUBLE our Church attendance and has led in the past to 23 Friends becoming a member of our Church family. Please commit to coming to Church on November 6, 2016 and bringing a FRIEND.

We will also be having several special activities at our Church services in October to remind us of our 2016 Friend Day. Plan to join your fellow Church members for these October Sunday services.

We look forward to seeing you on Friend Day November 6, 2016, an important day in the life our Church.

Please write NOVEMBER 6, 2016 on your calendars now.
Chicken Supreme Dinner
Chicken Supreme Dinner


Thank you for your support of our Chicken Supreme Dinner.

This was to raise funds for our Stained Glass Window Repair Project.

It was a huge success thanks to the many people that came to eat and also to those donating additional funds.

We thank Jane Musgrave for organizing it and thanks also to the many volunteers that helped with the project.


Church Windows Repair Appeal

Dedicated in 1898 this beautiful Church is in The National Register of Historic Places. The stained glass around the outer hallways, fellowship, and fireplace rooms is original with the building. The larger windows in the Sanctuary were replaced in the 1940's. In ways small and large these windows need repair, maintenance, and protection.

There are 60 windows total. To raise these funds among our congregation is currently impossible, so we are asking for help. The dollar figure we have listed is the estimate of a reputable company we have carefully evaluated. The goal is high. All money we receive will go toward repairs.

We have been asked if this can happen in smaller pieces, and the answer is yes, but doing it in stages would increase the costs as you would expect.

Please feel welcome to call if you have questions.

If you can contribute, please click below:
PT Devotion
PT Devotion
WELS Daily Devotions

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